How to Create the Perfect Wedding Invitation!

Courtney Inghram Virginia Wedding Florist Basic Invite

When I got married about a year and a half ago, finding the right wedding invitations seemed really hard! There are SO many different options, and I remember feeling stressed that I couldn't preview my invitations, like you can with linens and even creating a flower mock-up! With the recent surge of social media and the continual rise of technology usage, for most brides, ordering invitations for your wedding is the one of the few (if not only) times you have ordered luxury paper products. However, I think sending invitations in the mail is a beautiful tradition, and it truly excites your guests and makes them feel like honored attendees at your special day! Often the save-the-date or the invitation is your guest's first glimpse into your wedding theme, color scheme and more, and that's why it's so important to create beautiful paperie that really sets the tone!

Today, in partnership with Basic Invite I'm SO excited to give you some tips on how to create the perfect wedding invitation! Basic Invite is an online paperie, specializing in wedding invitations, save-the-dates, bridal shower brunch invitations, and more! 

Courtney Inghram Virginia Wedding Florist Basic Invite

1. Designing an invitation that fits your wedding theme and color palette

Creating invitations that match your overall wedding color palette and theme is a great way to give your guests a glimpse at what to expect for your wedding! Color palettes can be very specific, and sometimes it can be difficult to find invitations that fit your vision! Lucky for brides, Basic invite has virtually unlimited color options, AND over 40 envelope color options! That's so many different options to choose from, and I love that you can customize the color of the envelope too! Its another fun way to personalize everything related to your wedding day :) I remember for my own wedding worrying about the color of the save-the-date and invitations, hoping they would print as the color I wanted. But with Basic Invite you don't have to worry about that- you can preview everything before you ever have to place the big order! Which brings me to my next point...

2. Get a preview your invitations before you place your entire order

Basic Invite also allows you the chance to order a custom sample invitation before you ever have to order your full set of wedding invitations or save the dates! This is such a nice feature, because you can physically hold your invitation and feel the paper quality, see the color palette, and see how it looks as a set, without fully committing to buying 200 of them at once! That way if you want to make changes or edits (or even realized you made a typo-whoops!) you have plenty of time to make changes!

Courtney Inghram Virginia Wedding Florist Basic Invite

3. Utilize free address collection and printing services (and save yourself from hand cramps!)

When I was a bride, I also remember hand-writing all those addresses on the save-the-dates and wedding invitations... I have horrible handwriting to begin with, and then just having to call people to collect their mailing address was an extremely time-consuming and honestly stressful process! With Basic Invite, you can actually utilize their free address collection service, by simply sharing a link, collecting the addresses and then getting free printing on your wedding invitations!! That's so amazing, because you don't have to worry about wasting time collecting address OR hand-cramps! It's a total win-win!

I hope these tips are helpful to you, as you begin to think about designing your own wedding invitations! Basic Invite is a wonderful company to work with, and I highly recommend checking them out! Their options and scope of customization is perfect for any bride who wishes to create a one-of-a-kind invitation that truly encompasses the look and feel of her wedding day! :)

Thank you so much to Basic Invite! As a full disclaimer, this post is sponsored, but the words, advice and admiration for this brand come straight from me! I truly believe in this company and what they stand for, and highly recommend their invitations to my brides! I wouldn't post it otherwise :) Questions about sponsored content? Check out my Terms & Conditions page here.