How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Photography!

Im so excited to have Maria from Maria Grace Photography here to talk about how to really make the most of your wedding photos!!! For a lot of my own brides, I know that photography is a key component of your wedding day, and it's important to try and get the best images possible! Maria is an expert photographer, based here in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, and she is here to share her knowledge on wedding photography and how you can ensure that you will get amazing wedding images! So, without further ado- here's Maria!

 Maria Grace Photography

Maria Grace Photography

It finally happened – the man of your dreams got down on one knee and asked you to marry him. After saying yes and celebrating this special time, your thoughts quickly turn to planning a wedding! For many brides, photography is one of the most important elements of the day. Pictures are one of the only elements that will last beyond the wedding and it’s important not only to choose the right photographer for you, but to make the most of each minute you have.

So how can you make sure to balance your time line with everything that needs to come together for your day and still walk away with beautiful portraits of you and your new husband? Here are my favorite tips for making the most of your wedding photography.

  Maria Grace Photography

Maria Grace Photography

1) Keep Sunset in Mind. When you are planning your ceremony time be sure to look at sunset before you nail down the details. You want to make sure there is plenty of light after the ceremony for family portraits and your portraits if you choose not to have a first look. Most ceremonies last about 30 minutes but traditional Catholic or cultural weddings can last longer, so keep that in mind! If in doubt, email your photographer and ask them their thoughts before sending out a final time line.

2) Plan on a First Look. There are so many reasons to have a first look with your groom! While it may not be the traditional route, it gives the wedding a more relaxed feel over all. Since your portraits will be finished before the ceremony you will be more flexible afterwards to spend time with guests. You can build however much time in you want for pictures without any stress. More than that, it is a special time for you and your new husband to spend a few quiet moments together to enjoy your wedding and the fact that your marriage is about to begin.

3) Build in Extra Time. I can’t stress this enough – always add more time than you think for your wedding events to take place! I have seen too many brides stressed out because everything was planned down to the minute and there was no room for flexibility. Emergencies happen, traffic happens (especially in Hampton Roads!), and it never hurts to budget in extra time at each stage. If you finish early or on time that will just give you more of a chance to breathe during what can become a hectic day!

4) Be Adventurous. Most couples want pictures taken right at the ceremony or reception site – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! But think about this early in the planning process. Is there an amazing landscape nearby that could be the perfect setting for your portraits? Are there any places that are special to you and your husband? While you don’t want to drive an hour out of your way for pictures, thinking outside the box can produce some of the best results!

5) Communicate. I can’t stress this enough! Let your photographer know if there is anything special or different taking place during your wedding. It’s great to surprise your guests – but make sure your photographer is up to speed before something happens. Communication throughout the planning process will be absolutely vital to capturing the best pictures on your big day.

There are so many different details that go into planning your wedding day and it can feel overwhelming at times. Remember to keep your priorities in place – don’t forget that at the end of the day your marriage is what’s most important. Beyond that take the time to make sure your memories captures by your photographer will be the best you hoped for by following these few simple steps.

  Maria    Grace Photography

Maria  Grace Photography

Courtney here- didn't you absolutely love all of Maria's expert advice?! I know I did. If you are a bride searching for a wedding photographer, read a little more about Maria below, and head over to her website to see more of her gorgeous work! Thanks, Maria! :)


Hey there! I’m Maria Grace, a wedding and family photographer from Hampton Roads, Virginia. If you get to know the real me, you'll quickly learn that I speak fluent sarcasm. Nathan and I both consider ourselves the funniest one in our marriage. I make my cockapoo Lilo wear sweaters in the winter and sundresses in the summer. I run daily but I can't say no to salt & vinegar chips or hot fudge sundaes, and I dance like a fool with a camera in my hand at wedding receptions.

If it sounds like we’d get along, I’d love to grab a cup of tea or coffee and chat with you about what you love. I can’t wait to meet you soon!