My Goals for 2016!

I have never been too good at keeping New Years Resolutions. Somewhere along the lines they just get forgotten or given up on... Usually by February! So this year, instead of calling them "resolutions" I'm calling them goals! Goal is a more specific term, that is process-oriented, and for me, it is easier for me to detail how to accomplish a goal (instead of a resolution). This year, I will be writing my main goals in my Simplified Planner, so I will constantly have access to them. I will also be continuously checking in with myself (trying to stay accountable) and having my husband help me as well :) These are some goals I have for myself and CIE for this upcoming year:

Tara liebeck photography

Tara liebeck photography

Take better care of myself:

I get SO busy with everything going on in my life right now. It's hard for anyone that works two jobs to maintain a balance, and I sometimes get so carried away in floral proposals and planning I forget to eat meals! I need to better prioritize taking care of my diet and health so I can be more present for my family, friends and clients. This year, my goal is to establish a weekly workout routine and make better eating choices. I want to have as much energy as I can throughout the day, and I need to be properly fueling my body!

"Unplug" more.

It's hard for me to step away from my phone. It's embarrassing to admit, but it's difficult to not be constantly connected. I am always texting, responding to bride's emails and questions and scrolling through Instagram. While none of these things are wrong, it IS wrong to not be able to unplug, at least for a few hours a day. My goal in this upcoming year is to have a couple hours a day "unplugged" so I can fully enjoy my hubby, family and friends. This goal will have to remain flexible, because I do run a business and I want to be available for my brides/family at all times, but in general I want a couple of hours a day to be phone-free! 

Continue growing CIE.

I struggled with this goal the most, because I know that goals are not supposed to be super general. CIE has morphed into a business completely different than what I originally thought- and that's ok!! Wedding planning was my initial main service, but over the last six months floral design has become a main focus, and I am NOT complaining! All of my 2016 CIE brides so far have trusted me to bring their floral designs to life- and I am so thankful for that! I also have other dreams about CIE and the direction my business will go, and I'm so excited to continue growing!

Word of the Year:

To go along with these goals, my word for the year is SIMPLIFY. I want to simplify my life, taking away all the frivolous, unimportant things, and really focusing on what matters. I want to stop saying "yes" to everything (it's a real issue!) and start only saying yes to what is important. Saying yes to my husband, my family and friends, and saying a big NO to too much social media comparison, too much work (it's a thing y'all!) and too much online shopping! A simple life is what I am striving for this year; who is with me?! 

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