24 Reasons!

To my husband on your 24th birthday:

First of all... how are you already 24?! I cannot believe that you are already so old, since we met when we were 16!! (This is a whole separate story, but for all readers who don't know, we met while we sang in high school chorus together). For your birthday, I wanted to write you a list of 24 reasons why I love you; some are silly and some are serious, but they all show just how wonderful you are! Happy birthday! 

1. You cook dinner for me. Pretty much every night since we have gotten married, you cook for me and I love it. Let's not ever change that.

2. You always have my afternoon cup of coffee ready for me when I get home! And if you aren’t home yet, as soon as you get home you turn on the Keurig for me. I just love not having to think about that.

3. You (almost) always remember to give me my lanyard with my room keys on it for school, since I walk out without it almost EVERY day. I seriously would show up to school so many times without my keys if it wasn’t for you.

4. You are driven and passionate about helping others. Pursuing a career in occupational therapy is such a good choice for you; you are patient, helpful, smart and compassionate about helping others in need. 

5. You kill all the big bugs in our house... I've graduated to killing tiny spiders, but that's about all I can handle!

6. You have the best laugh! It's contagious, and it makes everyone around you happy.

7. You always let me put my cold feet on you. I have the most horrible circulation, and you almost always let me put my feet next to you to get warmed up!!

8. You come up with clever puns. They aren't always the best, but they make me laugh so it's ok ;)

9. You are a hottie!! How did I get so lucky?!

10. You and I like to binge-watch the same TV shows. There is something so fun about curling up on our couch and watching 3 episodes of How I Met Your Mother or House of Cards.

11. You are an amazing and loyal friend!

12. You support me and my passions. You help me process flowers, set up arches and listen to my endless wedding talk. I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know 

13. You do the chores that annoy me. I’m embarrassed to admit that I hate washing dishes, but totally don’t mind cleaning and doing laundry, so you graciously appointed yourself as the house dish-washer. Thank you for that.

14. You always know what to say when I’ve had a bad day or just need to vent.

15. You support my Starbucks addiction.

16. You love my family. It’s always been important to me that you and I never had that “in-law” relationship with each other’s parents, and I love how close we are to each of our families. 

17. You encourage me to me healthy. Which I know I typically gripe about, but I secretly love that you want me to go the gym with you and eat a healthy dinner instead of Chick-fil-A (who doesn’t love Chick-fil-A?!)

18. You have many talents and skills. When you aren’t off being smart and getting into doctorate programs, you are a talented piano player, baseball player, and singer!

19. You are supportive of everyone’s dreams: you sit with me through my sister’s basketball games, help me with my business, watch Colton play t-ball and even help your parents with their goats… You are always open to helping others.

20. You always drive at night. I get so sleepy driving at night, so it’s always reassuring to have you chauffeur me around me instead.

21. You like to try new things. I love that you encourage me to try new things, since I normally don’t like stepping outside my comfort zone!

22. You always make me smile!

23. You put up with me shopping at J. Crew and Target. I know, I know, it’s a problem, but you still love me anyways 

24. And lastly…… you are just an amazing husband!!! I love you so much, happy birthday!!

All images: Elizabeth Henson Photography