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24 Reasons!

To my husband on your 24th birthday:

First of all... how are you already 24?! I cannot believe that you are already so old, since we met when we were 16!! (This is a whole separate story, but for all readers who don't know, we met while we sang in high school chorus together). For your birthday, I wanted to write you a list of 24 reasons why I love you; some are silly and some are serious, but they all show just how wonderful you are! Happy birthday! 

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Christmas Recap + Looking Ahead for CIE!!

Hello! I hope you had a Merry Christmas (or a married Christmas) haha! Congratulations to all the newlywed couples out there that had their first married Christmas together! I did, with my husband Jason, and it was so much fun!! We had a blast shopping for each of our family members and friends and spending time with them this past week. We both have such great families, and I never want to take them for granted. Our Christmas memories are so fun, like the Alexander Ornament Exchange, my dad stashing cash in our Christmas gifts (this year was a Pillow Pet) and seeing family that doesn't live close by! One of my favorite Christmas morning memories was opening up the custom vendor apron my mom made for CIE! I was SO excited to open that!!

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Newlywed Christmas Mini-Session Recap!

This past Sunday Jason and I had a wonderful time enjoying a Christmas Mini-Session with Elizabeth Henson Photos, who was our wedding photographer. We absolutely adore Liz, and I loved being one of her 2015 brides. I think it's so important to build a wonderful client experience throughout the wedding planning process leading up to the big day, but Liz always goes above and beyond! She has been so inspirational to me, and I love how we have become friends even after our wedding day has come and gone!! Just Dandy Events (who has also allowed me to assist her on weddings and shoots-love her!) Waters Edge Designs, and Mai Photography also contributed to the mini-session we had on Sunday! Foliage crown by me!! :) Enjoy!!

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