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10 Tips For Using Silk Ribbons On Bouquets

As a wedding florist, I frequently have brides that request silk ribbon streamer detailing on their bouquets, and often for their bridesmaids bouquets too! After teaching my most recent workshop, I realized that everyone has a different technique on using silk ribbon streamers, so I thought I would share 10 of my best tips and tricks!

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Ribbon Guide FREEBIE!

As you’re shopping for silk ribbons, do you ever wonder how many spools of ribbon it would take to wrap a bridal bouquet, or how much ribbon you would need to order to accent your wedding invitations? This 10 page ribbon guide will walk you through all the details of using our silk ribbons for bouquets, invitations, styling, gifting, and more, and best of all- it’s completely FREE!! We are so excited to share this resource for you to reference anytime you have questions about your ribbons! Enjoy!

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