CIE Bride Chat: Meet Jess

I'm so excited to introduce you today to another CIE Bride getting married this weekend!! Jess and her fiancé Ryan both attended college with my husband, and they quickly became great friends of ours! Jason and Ryan played on the school baseball team together, and Jess and I quickly bonded over being "baseball girlfriends" together during the season! I was SO honored when Jess asked me to be a part of her wedding day by designing the flowers; her vision for her wedding is just gorgeous!!! I can't wait to be surrounded by lots of gorgeous flowers this week- and the nice thing about doing flowers for your friend is that we get to enjoy the wedding after the flowers are done!! Whoohoo!! :) I asked Jess a few questions about her wedding and floral design planning process and to tell us all about her and Ryan, their wedding, and their newly married plans!! :) Enjoy!!!

Sarah Brookhart Photography

Sarah Brookhart Photography

Susie Herwig Photography

Susie Herwig Photography

How did you and your husband-to-be meet?!

Ryan and I met in College at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. We didn't officially meet each other until our Junior Year, although we had a few encounters beforehand. We attended the Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA with our college church group over winter break, and when we got back, Ryan kept asking me out for coffee. I finally said yes and the rest is history!

Tell us about how he proposed!!

Ryan had just gotten back home from his season with the Yankees in Charleston, SC. That first weekend he was home, he insisted on going to Great Falls in Maryland to hike around. We love Great Falls. However, it was POURING. I did not want to go but Ryan was adamant! After I sat in the car and pouted about the weather for a good 10 minutes, I finally got out of the car and began our hike in the torrential downpour. Not too long after, we came across a picnic blanket and basket filled with roses. I read the letter he left for me, and as I turned to face him he got down on one knee! (thankfully the rain had stopped for this lovely moment to take place!) Ryan said some things that I don't really remember (because I was in both in shock and also thinking about how I hoped I still looked pretty even though I was soaking wet), and when I said yes I turned around to see my sister jump out from behind the rocks! She had been camping out all morning in the rain just to take our pictures! What a memory!

Tell us about your wedding: colors, theme, flowers!

My wedding is taking place outside. There ceremony is in front of a big tree overlooking the fields and distant mountains, and the reception is under a huge tent with a big wooden floor. The venue is in Frederick, MD so the scenery is beautiful! I always wanted something a bit rustic, yet elegant. Out in the country. I have done a lot of things myself, decor-wise, so there are so many DIY touches that make it really personal! My colors are soft, light and romantic and my flowers will be gorgeous and fluffy! My colors are a light sea-mist/dusty mint color, light blush, and light grey! I will have peonies, spray roses, white O’Hara’s, dusty miller, and eucalyptus all incorporated into my bouquet! Very natural, very light, and very soft!

How did you decide on your wedding location?

I wanted something that was rustic, yet elegant and classy. I looked at barns, old mansions, etc and finally came across Walkers Overlook. It had everything I wanted! Out in the country, beautiful scenery, rustic touches, a HUGE bridal suite, a coordinator and more. The thing that sold us to this location was definitely the owner Mark and his awesome staff. We felt right at home when we visited and we knew we would be well taken care of! And we have been! I recommend this place to everyone and I haven't even gotten married yet!

What has been the best part of your wedding planning?

I would say that I have enjoyed doing the decor planning and flower planning the most. I love working with colors, designing up pretty ideas, and doing crafts. I'm thankful to have Courtney to help me talk out those ideas and make a plan for all my flowers! She's been great and she totally understands my vision! It's also been fun to work with my mom and my sisters on a lot of things - they have been so helpful and it's such a special time!

What has been one area of difficulty for your wedding planning?

We had trouble picking a wedding date - that was very stressful and more tedious of a process than we should have let it be. We were going back and forth between choosing a Friday or a Sunday and decided to go with a Friday. Either way, it would have been a great day because it would have been OUR day, so I don't think it was worth the stress we (or I) put in to it. Another difficult thing has just been prioritizing tasks and knowing when to do what and what is most important to focus on first.

What are you most looking forward to once you're married?!

Being in the same place! Most of our relationship has been long distance, and we have never been in the same place other than for a little bit at college. We are so ready to just be together and live the everyday life side by side! I can't wait to see what we learn through being married and how we can better serve one another in the best way possible!

Are you honeymooning? Where to?

Heck yes! Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic! Get me to that beach!

What advice can you share for someone planning their wedding right now?

Something I learned right off the bat was don't try to tackle everything at once. In the beginning, I tried to get all of my vendors researched and booked at one time. I would suggest focusing on one at a time and don't let your to-do list get too long because you will just be overwhelmed! Also, give yourself a few weeks off to enjoy being newly engaged before you jump into the planning - it will all get done! And enjoy the’s really hard to do but I hope you find ways to do it because I wish I had spent more time focusing on enjoying it rather than letting the stress of planning take over me!

Susie Herwig Photography

Susie Herwig Photography