My Must-Have Floral Design Tools!

Hi y'all!! I wanted to post a short blog today sharing a few of my favorite floral design tips and design tools that have made all the difference for me when designing wedding flowers! I have also included where I bought each item so you can check it out yourself!!

1. My Absolute FAVORITE Floral Shears

I read some online reviews for a pair of shears from Japan, called Sakagen, and I knew that I had to try them! They were a little pricey, but once I began using them in my designing I was HOOKED. The hand grasp is super comfortable for long-term usage (processing flowers for hours and hours), and the blade is sharp. I mean scary sharp, and easy to cut through tough rose stems, branches, ect. These shears are such an asset to my business, that I bought several pairs for when I have assistants helping me process!! They are such a time-saver (no more battling dull blades and thick stems) and they help keep my flowers fresh as long as possible with their sharp blade and angle of cutting! I bought them on Amazon.

2. Lazy Susan

My Lazy Susan is another design favorite; it's so awesome to be able to spin your design around as often as you like to examine it from all sides! This is especially useful if you are creating a centerpiece or bouquet in a vase/holder; you want it to look good from all sides!  It's a simple and expensive tool that can save you loads of time and effort, and it's nice to be able to sit down and design every now and then :) I actually got mine from Bed Bath and Beyond (don't judge; we have a ton of leftover wedding gift cards, haha!)

3. Green Pipe Cleaners and/or Bind Wire

Now this sounds silly, I know, but green pipe cleaners and bind wire have absolutely made securing things way simpler! If there is a hanging garland or installation you want to be draped a certain way, it's so simple to use either the pipe cleaners or bind wire to move it how you need to, and then secure it in a camouflaged way! It's sounds crazy, but I promise it works!! The bind wire I have is from Oasis, and I'm pretty sure it will probably last me the rest of my life, haha!

4. My Apron!

My apron is pretty much my catch-all for designing both at my office and at the wedding site! It's so convenient to have everything in one place, and it's awesome to be able to have both hands available for designing! There are several wonderful places where you can get one custom-made, but my very own mom made mine!! It's super fun to be able to customize it with your business name, a pattern that goes with your color scheme or other fun little additions!

Mai Fotography

Mai Fotography

5. Rose Stripper.

These things are AMAZING!! I also bought this on Amazon, and they are so cool and comfy in your hand. Stripping roses is crucial, especially when designing personal flowers; it is my worst nightmare to have a bride slice her finger on a rose in her bouquet during her wedding! You may want to wear gloves to give yourself an added layer of protection from thorns, but these little babies are a must-have for sure. Time-saver and easy to teach to a processing assistant! I had to include a photo from Amazon too, just because I think they're cute!!

These five tools are something I use EVERY time I process and design flowers; I hope this post has been informative and helpful!! Feel free to email me with any questions about floral design tools or other suggestions you may have; I am always open to learning more from others!! :)