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My Favorite Online Business Management Software: Honeybook!

I’m excited to share with you a system that I have been using for my business that has changed my life!! When I first started my business, I was also working a full-time job (like many others), and I remember my “work”" hours were SO verrrrrry limited. Tasks like emailing, creating custom proposals, contracts, invoicing and keeping up with payments are crucial to your small business being able to operate… but those tasks take TIME! Even back then, I knew that the way I was operating wasn’t the simplest way, and that I needed to make a change!! Before I introduce you to my secret weapon, I do just want to say that this company did not pay me to promote their product or write this post; I simply want to write it so that you know all about this system and how it can help YOU!

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Fall Weddings: Dealing with the Elements!

So, I'm writing this blog as I sit watching the rain just POUR down here in Hampton Roads. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen actual sunshine in over a week now, and I realized halfway through this week I need to buy rain boots. This weather has inspired my very last "Fall Weddings Series" post on Dealing with the Elements!! As a bride who dealt with the elements on my big day, I know it's important to have a few little details in place, just in case!! :)

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