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Email tip: Utilizing Gmail + the "Zeroed-Inbox" Strategy!

Happy Friday!!! I wanted to drop in today to share a quick "productivity" tip with you. First- I have a confession to make. I have FIVE EMAIL ADDRESSES that I maintain. Yikes. Even typing that is scary-sounding. 1 is my "promos email", so the one I go to when I'm searching for the latest J. Crew coupon. 2 is my school email, that I use as a teacher to communicate with other teachers and parents. 3 is my biz email. 4 is my "professional but non-business" email. So I use this one for things like communicating with my family and friends. 5 is my old college email- which I know I'm crazy to hold onto, but every now and then I get an email on there!!

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Simplifying: Work-Life Balance

So in the spirit of being accountable to myself, I spent some time today thinking about my year-long goals, and my word of the year: simplify. January is wrapping up, and I can't believe it's gone by as fast as it did! It was a WHIRLWIND. I booked four new CIE brides, spent time creating floral proposals, executed our Norfolk Botanical Gardens styled shoot, and managed the day to day details of CIE. Not to mention, I have been very busy at my full-time teaching job, taking an intense online class for an additional certification and handling my students at school during final exam/SOL time. So this month, I'm pretty sure I have epically failed at SIMPLIFYING.

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