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French Blue Southern Wedding Inspiration with Hope Taylor Photography

Last month, I was so excited to design the flowers for Hope Taylor Photography's workshop styled shoot, with some of my favorite vendor friends (who also happen to be my friends in real life!!) It was SUCH a fun couple of days, filled with lots of laughter, hugs and hard work, and I love the way this French Blue Southern Wedding editorial came together for the workshop! I don't typically get to design with a blue color palette, so I was really excited to challenge myself and work to bring out more blue hues in the flowers, and those anemones with the dark navy centers were the stars of the show!! 

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My Favorite Springtime Blooms for Weddings!

This warm weather we have been enjoying lately has me dreaming of beautiful spring weddings, and I am getting SO excited for another full year with lots of pretty blooms!! For any brides wondering what flowers are in-season during your springtime wedding, this post is for you! I am sharing some of my favorite springtime blooms for weddings, and I am wishing that my computer had scratch-and-sniff capabilities, because springtime blooms always seem to be the most fragrant! Ahhh... spring is almost here! Enjoy!!!

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You're Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations to all the couples that have become newly engaged over the holidays! This is such a FUN and EXCITING season of life, but I know as a past bride myself, it can also be stressful! Unless you have an event planning background, designing and executing a Pinterest-worthy wedding can be overwhelming, so I wanted to share a few tips with you today on what to tackle first (after you're done celebrating of course!) The very best advice I can give is to first go get a manicure; lots of people are going to want to see your new bling!! 

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Promotional Video Reveal!!!

So I've been keeping a little secret, and I'm just dying to share it with all of you!! :) :):) Last week I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Joshua Bryan Cinema on a promotional film for my floral and event design business, and today I am so excited to reveal it officially on my blog and website!! 

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An Inside Look At My Small Business!

Since I began my small business journey, I have had so many people ask questions about the logistics of it all. I get a lot of questions like "How do you find clients", "What does your wedding work week look like", and "How did you know how to own and operate a wedding business?"

I wanted to address some of these questions in a blog post, by sharing some advice and an inside look at my own small business ownership journey! I am by no means professing to be an expert, but I just want to share what I have learned throughout my own process, in hopes that someone else may benefit from it! Enjoy! :)

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10 Tips for Opening a Successful Creative Small Business!

Recently, I have received more and more questions about my business from people who are curious as to how I started a sustainable and thriving creative venture. I certainly don't attribute all my business growth to my own deeds- the creative community around me is so strong and supportive, and I am SO thankful for all the wisdom, advice and learning I have gleaned from my creative friends! In the past year and a half, CIE has grown from a little dream in my wedding-obsessed head, to a full-scale floral and wedding design and planning boutique. How did it happen, you ask? Here are 10 tips that I embraced to help me open my creative small business! 

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