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5 Tips on Creating Balance and Time for Rest During a Busy Season!

This post is totally for my creative business owner friends! I don't know about you, but this season has felt so busy lately! I feel like I have been working non-stop, and as much as I completely love my job, I know deep down that I definitely need some rest and relaxation too, so I can recharge! I know I can't be the only one who feels stretched thin in this busy time, so I wanted to share a few things that are keeping me afloat lately! Here are some ideas on how to create some balance between work life and personal life and finding time to rest! 

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5 Tips For Managing Your Small Business Finances!

Creating financial systems that work for you and your business is a crucial part of running a successful, sustainable business! For me, I knew it couldn't go at it alone, and I have outsourced a majority of financial management to professionals, which has been an investment that is worth its weight in gold! That being said, here are 5 financial management tips, things that I have personally implemented into my small business, that I have found extremely helpful!! Cheers to doing business better friends! :)

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Small Business Success: There's an App for That!

Confession: I manage SO many aspects of my business right from my iPhone! Obviously technology has totally revolutionized the way small businesses get stuff done, and I am a total believer in going "paperless"! Using apps on my phone helps me stay connected (and productive) while I'm on the go. I thought today I would share some of the apps that keep me working and help me check tasks off my to-do list without ever opening my computer! And as a disclaimer, this post is not sponsored by any of these companies- I just truly enjoy using each of these apps! Enjoy!

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My New Headshots!

I recently had the pleasure of receiving some updated headshots, taken by my good friend Erika Lynn Photography at the Capitol Building, here in Richmond, Virginia! I have used them on my social media sites, website, and business branding materials, and I love the refreshed look it brings to my business! It's important to try and stay consistent with the photos you use to represent your brand, and I'm so thankful to Erika for taking these for CIE!! If you are looking for an amazing wedding photographer, check her out HERE!

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The Best Business Investments I Made in 2016!

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, I've been reflecting on my business and how it has changed and grown more in 2016. It's natural to look back and notice things that I should've done differently and mistakes I've made along the way, but I've also realized that I have made several important investments in things that helped CIE continue to grow. I wanted to share a few things that I have used to propel my business forward, that I am certain will help your business grow more too!

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An Inside Look At My Small Business!

Since I began my small business journey, I have had so many people ask questions about the logistics of it all. I get a lot of questions like "How do you find clients", "What does your wedding work week look like", and "How did you know how to own and operate a wedding business?"

I wanted to address some of these questions in a blog post, by sharing some advice and an inside look at my own small business ownership journey! I am by no means professing to be an expert, but I just want to share what I have learned throughout my own process, in hopes that someone else may benefit from it! Enjoy! :)

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