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Private Business & Wedding Floral Design Workshop Recap

I am SO excited to share a recap of a Private Business and Floral Design workshop I hosted in February! I welcomed the ladies behind the Corner House B&B, Jenny and Kelley, into our home and studio for an entire day full of learning and we had an amazing time together! The Corner House B&B is in Rockport, Indiana, so it was such an honor to welcome these ladies who flew in from a different state for the workshop, and it was so fun being able to devote the entire day to specifically diving into their business!

We started off the day with coffee/tea and breakfast and then dove straight into the content- where I taught about marketing, the booking process, creating design proposals, and more! We talked about how to market your new business without going into debt, how to book brides in a simple and straightforward way that doesn’t involve dozens of emails, time spent tweaking proposals and research, and how to create proposals that convert and showcase the creative vision of both you and your client! We made an action plan for the Corner House and discussed their overarching goals and broke it up into manageable steps. Specifically, we focused on streamlining and ways to invigorate their marketing efforts and online presence!

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Turning Your Creative Business Into Your Full-Time Job!

For some creative entrepreneurs, the ultimate dream is to be able to take their creative business full-time! This isn't to say that all creative entrepreneurs dream of taking their gig full-time; in fact some creatives enjoy being able to work on their terms, and having a full-time job to support their creative dreams! However, others dream of being able to leave their full-time job and becoming their own boss! Leaving your steady paycheck and 9 to 5 job behind, can be a stressful and time-consuming process, and as someone who has gone through that, I love to share how to make the process easier! So, here are my top 5 tips on how to turn your creative business into your full-time gig!

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Email Essentials for Your Creative Small Business!

When I first started my business, I was shocked by the flood of emails that came my way! knew I needed a system to make sure my brides always felt well-taken care of, and even though I have shared my goals to disconnect from the technology overload, staying on top of email is still SO important! I conduct so much of my business over email, and sometimes an email might be a client’s first impression of your business, so having the proper “email etiquette” is essential to keep in contact with my brides! Here are my 3 best tips to blow your clients away with your speedy and effective communication- enjoy!

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Cupcakes, Crowns and Cocktails Workshop Recap!

Flower crowns are one of my favorite things ever! Pair that with fun ladies, Tianna at Yours Truly Portraiture and lots of sweet snacks and drinks, and you have yourself an amazing flower crown design party! We had a blast a few weeks ago at Cupcakes, Crowns, and Cocktails, a flower crown workshop held at the Studio at Chelsea Commons in Chesapeake! We had such an awesome time creating flower crowns together, while enjoying laughs and hilarious stories, and all the pretty details were captured beautifully by Tianna! Thanks so much to each of the girls who joined in- I enjoyed being able to share my love of flowers with each of you, and you all did a phenomenal job with your flower crowns! :)

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My New Headshots!

I recently had the pleasure of receiving some updated headshots, taken by my good friend Erika Lynn Photography at the Capitol Building, here in Richmond, Virginia! I have used them on my social media sites, website, and business branding materials, and I love the refreshed look it brings to my business! It's important to try and stay consistent with the photos you use to represent your brand, and I'm so thankful to Erika for taking these for CIE!! If you are looking for an amazing wedding photographer, check her out HERE!

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The Best Business Investments I Made in 2016!

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, I've been reflecting on my business and how it has changed and grown more in 2016. It's natural to look back and notice things that I should've done differently and mistakes I've made along the way, but I've also realized that I have made several important investments in things that helped CIE continue to grow. I wanted to share a few things that I have used to propel my business forward, that I am certain will help your business grow more too!

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