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Kirah & Paul- Springtime Williamsburg Winery Wedding!

Kirah and Paul were absolutely radiant on their sunshine-filled spring wedding day at the Williamsburg Winery a few weekends ago! They drove here to Virginia all the way from Pennsylvania with their close family and friends, and made their wedding a destination weekend for all! It was SO fun working with them and planning their floral designs! Kirah dreamt of organic, natural and herb-inspired floral designs, and I used fragrant lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, jasmine vine and lots of blooms like peonies and garden roses to bring her vision to life!

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An Inside Look At My Small Business!

Since I began my small business journey, I have had so many people ask questions about the logistics of it all. I get a lot of questions like "How do you find clients", "What does your wedding work week look like", and "How did you know how to own and operate a wedding business?"

I wanted to address some of these questions in a blog post, by sharing some advice and an inside look at my own small business ownership journey! I am by no means professing to be an expert, but I just want to share what I have learned throughout my own process, in hopes that someone else may benefit from it! Enjoy! :)

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Walker's Overlook Maryland Wedding: Jess + Ryan!

I have been slacking on the blog lately! I have been so busy, with our move to Richmond, weddings, just life in general... but I am so excited to share some gorgeous photos from Jess and Ryan's April wedding today on the blog. :) Jess and Ryan were friends with Jason, my husband, in college, so I was so honored when I was able to design their wedding flowers for them!! :) Jess and I quickly bonded over spending a lot of time watching the guys play baseball at William & Mary, and I can't wait until live closer to them (it WILL happen) so Jess and I can hang out and do wedding stuff together all day! Their wedding photographer, Sarah Brookhart Photography, did an amazing job on the photos- I am OBSESSED with them, and Walker's Overlook in Walkersville, Maryland, was the picture-perfect location for their romantic outdoor wedding!! Enjoy these flower-filled photos, and enjoy your weekend! I know I will, since it is our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! I cannot believe it has already been a year since I married the love of my life <3

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Brides: How to Prepare for an Initial Consultation With a Wedding Florist!

So, you’re planning your wedding. You’ve picked a date and season, chosen the perfect venue for your vows, and probably hired an amazing photographer to capture all the details and a wedding planner to ensure that things run smoothly! So what’s next?! Choosing your florist!! Last week I talked about “7 Things Your Wedding Florist Wants You to Know,” which I hope provided you with some general background knowledge of how florists work with you throughout your wedding. If you didn’t get a chance to read that, head over to that post first, and then read this one!! Preparing for your initial consultation with your wedding florist is an important step in your wedding planning process, and I want to share some ideas of the best things to do before that first meeting!

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