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I'm a Panelist at the Creative at Heart Conference!!

Have you been hearing all the buzz around the Creative At Heart Conference? This has been on my "business bucket list" to attend for SO long, ever since it first began really, and I've seen how it has impacted the lives of so many of my friends and fellow small business owners. Well, friends, today is a BIG day!! I'm so excited to officially announce that I'll be joining the lineup of 40 (yes, 40!!) educators for Creative at Heart Round 8 in November!! I'll be a panelist, sharing about wedding floral design and leading small group discussions along with a few other awesome ladies! I can't wait to meet so many new (& old) friends at the beautiful Winmock in North Carolina this year! I have always wanted to attend this conference, and I'm so excited that I finally am!! :) If you've had major "fomo" over Creative at Heart,  make this your year to register- I would love to see you there!! Tickets go on sale TONIGHT at 8pm EST so set your alarm & grab your seat as soon as you can!! Want more details?! Go to the C@H Instagram or website to learn more!! Now comment below if you're hoping to hang out with me in North Carolina this November!! :)

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5 Tips For Managing Your Small Business Finances!

Creating financial systems that work for you and your business is a crucial part of running a successful, sustainable business! For me, I knew it couldn't go at it alone, and I have outsourced a majority of financial management to professionals, which has been an investment that is worth its weight in gold! That being said, here are 5 financial management tips, things that I have personally implemented into my small business, that I have found extremely helpful!! Cheers to doing business better friends! :)

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Small Business Success: There's an App for That!

Confession: I manage SO many aspects of my business right from my iPhone! Obviously technology has totally revolutionized the way small businesses get stuff done, and I am a total believer in going "paperless"! Using apps on my phone helps me stay connected (and productive) while I'm on the go. I thought today I would share some of the apps that keep me working and help me check tasks off my to-do list without ever opening my computer! And as a disclaimer, this post is not sponsored by any of these companies- I just truly enjoy using each of these apps! Enjoy!

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