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Private Business & Wedding Floral Design Workshop Recap

I am SO excited to share a recap of a Private Business and Floral Design workshop I hosted in February! I welcomed the ladies behind the Corner House B&B, Jenny and Kelley, into our home and studio for an entire day full of learning and we had an amazing time together! The Corner House B&B is in Rockport, Indiana, so it was such an honor to welcome these ladies who flew in from a different state for the workshop, and it was so fun being able to devote the entire day to specifically diving into their business!

We started off the day with coffee/tea and breakfast and then dove straight into the content- where I taught about marketing, the booking process, creating design proposals, and more! We talked about how to market your new business without going into debt, how to book brides in a simple and straightforward way that doesn’t involve dozens of emails, time spent tweaking proposals and research, and how to create proposals that convert and showcase the creative vision of both you and your client! We made an action plan for the Corner House and discussed their overarching goals and broke it up into manageable steps. Specifically, we focused on streamlining and ways to invigorate their marketing efforts and online presence!

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BayVue Estate Styled Shoot

This styled shoot was an absolute dream to be a part of!!! I was so honored to design the flowers for this blush-inspired shoot, and the team of Virginia wedding vendors that were involved are all absolutely amazing!! :) It's so wonderful to be able to collaborate with like-minded wedding pros and create beautiful inspiration! To top it all off, a few weeks ago, our shoot was featured on Artfully Wed- see that feature HERE!

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An Inside Look At My Small Business!

Since I began my small business journey, I have had so many people ask questions about the logistics of it all. I get a lot of questions like "How do you find clients", "What does your wedding work week look like", and "How did you know how to own and operate a wedding business?"

I wanted to address some of these questions in a blog post, by sharing some advice and an inside look at my own small business ownership journey! I am by no means professing to be an expert, but I just want to share what I have learned throughout my own process, in hopes that someone else may benefit from it! Enjoy! :)

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10 Tips for Opening a Successful Creative Small Business!

Recently, I have received more and more questions about my business from people who are curious as to how I started a sustainable and thriving creative venture. I certainly don't attribute all my business growth to my own deeds- the creative community around me is so strong and supportive, and I am SO thankful for all the wisdom, advice and learning I have gleaned from my creative friends! In the past year and a half, CIE has grown from a little dream in my wedding-obsessed head, to a full-scale floral and wedding design and planning boutique. How did it happen, you ask? Here are 10 tips that I embraced to help me open my creative small business! 

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How to Use Honeybook to Streamline Your Small Business!

Grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you about my business BFF- Honeybook. It is the best tool that I have in running my small business, BY FAR. I love how it was created for creative entrepreneurs, because it really does meet virtually all of my needs for a software system that manages contracts, invoicing, questionnaires, reminders and more! As a small business owner, branding is so important, and I love how everything that is sent from Honeybook is perfectly aligned with the Courtney Inghram Events brand. Their platform continues to update, and I love how they are always improving the site and making it more and more intuitive! Since Honeybook has just recently rolled out some new updates, I wanted to share a few tips and ideas on how to best utilize Honeybook for your small business!

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