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Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a great fall weekend and stayed warm! It has become chilly (and breezy) here in Virginia over the last few days, so I'm more than happy to accept coffee and snuggles. :) I'm so excited to introduce today's Featured Friendor... Chloe, of English Tea Paperie!!! Chloe creates custom-designed paper goods, including wedding invitation suites, save-the-dates and even custom monograms for your big day!! She has a gorgeous website (click here to check it out), a beautiful office, and she is originally from England (so cool!) She designed the custom invitation suite for my latest styled shoot (click here for the recap), and I can't wait to show you all the professional images- she did an amazing job!! I loved learning more about the heart behind her business and why she is passionate about what she does, and I know you will love getting to know her too! Enjoy!! :)

Shalese Danielle Photography

Shalese Danielle Photography

CIE: Tell me about why you chose to open English Tea Paperie. Did you always have a love for custom wedding invitation suite design and stationary, or did you have an eye-opening experience?

Chloe: Living the ultimate American dream, I moved to the US from England in 2006, having just married my wonderful husband Joe. Waiting for my green card to arrive in the mail, I sat at home with a million ideas and a pot of color pencils, ready to create an entire line of custom illustrated note cards. 2 years of sketching, creating and planning and English Tea Paperie was born!  Thanks to a successful personal blog, aptly named English Tea (no longer online), my note cards business really took off and I ran with it for many years, however, I always knew something was seriously missing. 

Back to 2006 and searching for my dream wedding invitations (both in the US and the UK), I couldn't find what I was looking for, especially within my budget.   Having been an art school student, I decided the only thing to do was to make my own.  It was THE biggest creative challenge of my life, yet the most rewarding.  I loved and still love my invitations, which brings me to the next part…..After many years of creating custom note cards for my online store, I gathered a few close friends in my living room and we had a major brainstorming party.  I knew something in my business plan wasn't comfortable and I wasn't living out my life purpose.  After much discussion and some serious prayer (and several years part time as a Bridal Consultant at Tiffany's Bridal!) the wedding world became very clear.  When the Lord creates a path, you walk it and so I did!

CIE: Tell me more about the specific kinds of services you are currently offering for 2016!

Chloe: From the moment you announce your engagement with a save the date, to addressing your wedding invitation envelopes, I will be there for you every step of the way!  I help you design the perfect invitation, provide you with a digitally designed personal wedding monogram, create heartfelt thank you cards and even manage your seating charts and place cards!  Custom drawn venue sketches, pretty watercolors, hand lettered chalkboards and uniquely designed envelope liners, along with etiquette advice and guest list management are just few of the personal touches that I can add to your wedding papers. All of your wedding designs will be fully tailored to your theme, colors and vision, making the experience completely custom.  

CIE: Tell me about one of your favorite moments while designing wedding invitation suites. 

Chloe: I absolutely love it when a couple asks me to sketch something for their invitations, like the wedding venue or flowers from the bouquet.  It adds something so unique and makes their invitations incredibly personal.  I also love when the vision comes to life - when mood boards, design discussions and design requests have all been put together and you see the end result on paper.  It’s what I like to call the “ahh moment” .

CIE: Tell me something unique about you that very few people know!

Chloe: I am a complete bird nerd - I’m taking binoculars hiding in the bushes kind of nerd.  I track the birds in my yard, make their surroundings comfy and cosy and feed them the best food.  My husband thinks I’m crazy but I can’t help myself.  I totally want the “communicates with animals” super power!

CIE: List three of your favorite things to do/hobbies besides your job!

Chloe: Browse Homegoods or Target to decorate my home, church - I sing on the praise team (I love to sing) and I have the most amazing church family ever, and spend time with my family (sounds so boring and sappy, but my husband and 7yr old daughter are so funny and loving and they are always my first choice - even though they are #3 on the list here!!)

CIE: What is your Starbucks drink of choice? (You can tell a lot about a person by how they answer this question) ;)

Chloe: Hot: Venti non-fat hot chocolate, no whip, 190 degrees.

Cold: Venti skinny java chip frappacino, 1 pump raspberry, no whip, extra chips.

The occasional non-crazy order that I truly love and is perfect for rainy days: Grande Earl Grey!

And here are a few recent designs Chloe has created... Gorgeous, right?!

Shalese Danielle Photography

Shalese Danielle Photography

Hillary Gaskins Photography

Hillary Gaskins Photography

Shalese Danielle Photography

Shalese Danielle Photography

Didn't you absolutely love getting to know Chloe?! You can keep up with her and her adventures on her business Facebook page, Instagram and website!! Stay tuned for CIE's next Featured Friendor, coming soon!!