Why You NEED a Wedding Planner!

Any bride can tell you-planning a wedding sometimes feels like a full-time job. When I was planning my own wedding, I was finishing up my Master's degree, working, and maintaining involvement in college clubs, and activities, and wedding planning just felt like an extra task that I didn't always feel like completing! I needed someone to keep me on-task, and help me make major decisions as an unbiased third-party. I needed someone to assist me with color palettes and affordable design options. I needed someone to help me pick out the very best vendors within my price range in my area. And, I needed someone to help me keep track of the 1 TRILLION details that I thought I could handle, like how many chairs we needed, how much space between tables was necessary and the ever-changing guest list. By the time I realized that I was too stressed out and NEEDED the help, it was too late and the planning process was over. I know you may not be convinced based on my personal story alone that you need a planner, so here are just a few reasons why you need for a professional assistant leading up to your big day!

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1. You Need Someone to Stay Organized.

Keeping track of the little wedding details is half of the battle. Catering and rental contracts change SEVERAL times throughout the planning process, and it can get overwhelming to try and keep up with each new change. A wedding planner can handle logistics like using a tent and certifying all state/city regulations are met (some states or counties even require you to buy a license for a tent!!) Planners know the best colors for buffet tables to prevent eyesores like food splattering and how to handle when the wrong shade of blush pink napkins appear on the tables. Every wedding I work, I carry around an entire copied set of all of your contracts throughout the entire day and night. I want to make sure that everything you signed off on is being delivered- to a T! These details are SO important for your planning process and day-of to run smoothly, and why do you want to waste all your valuable brain cells trying to piece it all together?! That's what planners are for. We have been there, done that, and seen it all. We are able to calmly handle anything thrown to us on your big day- and chances are you will never even know about it!

2. You Need Someone to Stay On Your Side.

Weddings can bring out the emotions in even the most amiable of people. You are investing a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of energy into this ONE day- so the pressure is on to make it perfect. Not to mention, you are throwing a huge party to celebrate the beginning of your new life with your husband or wife (who will be with you for the rest of your life!!) Inevitably, wedding planning brings up tricky questions, like budget, who will be invited, and who will be able to handle sitting with who. As a wedding planner, it's my job to keep the process calm and focused, step-by-step approach, checking off each detail as they go with all involved parties. BUT, at the end of the day- it is the BRIDE and GROOM's day. Your final wish (not your grandma's) is my command. Wedding planners also can act as body-guards and crowd-controllers on your big day. Why have your mom attempt to escort 200 cocktail-hour-enthused guests to their seats, while trying to not spill her wine down her dress? You don't want anyone besides your family and bridal party to see you before you walk down the aisle? Need someone to tell 3rd Cousin Jerry he actually is NOT included in the family portraits? Enter a wedding planner.

3. You Need Someone to Adjust to Change Quickly. 

When the weather forecast quickly changes, or the groomsmen's outfits suddenly disappear, your wedding planner will know how to save the day- while you sip on a mimosa with your maids ;) As a planner, I have gone to buy forgotten decor, hours before the ceremony begins, I have brought the bride her missing veil and have prepared the bride and groom's car for their being getaway at the end of the night. It's imperative to have someone that is willing and able to quickly adjust to changing circumstances, to ensure your wedding day is successful.