Are you a budding floral designer looking for information on starting your business, specific design techniques, or wondering how you will ever book your first few brides?! Or maybe you have owned your business for a few years, and you feel like you're in a standstill, not booking ideal clients, or not charging enough for your design skills, working 18 hour days for what feels like pennies? If either of those resonate with you, investing in a few hours of 1-on-1 mentoring will definitely get you results and begin to move your business (and your bottom line), to the next level! I am here to listen to your story, create an action plan to get you started, and continue to follow up with you throughout your floral business journey to be your personal cheerleaders! Don't take it from me- here is what one former mentoring student has to say about their experience! 

"I have way too many wonderful things to say about my mentoring session with Courtney! We sat down and chatted, and over that cup of coffee, I was given a plethora of "tell-all" information about the wedding industry that I had been craving to know. What was her price-point? What were her profit margins? How do you handle this situation? Am I charging enough? Why am I not booking high-dollar clients? She was so willing to share everything she had learned. She showed me what her contracts look like, gave me suggestions on how to vamp up my website, and how to make this wonderful thing I love to do a full-time career. Since then, I have made the changes she suggested, and it is truly making a difference. I am booking more clients and spending less time on things that did not improve my client's experience. I feel more confident sending my proposals and now feel like I am working alongside the wedding industry instead of fighting to get in. If you feel overwhelmed or have parts of your business you would like to improve, consider setting up a time to meet with Courtney. You will not regret it!"

-Jessie, Crafted Stems Design Co

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Mentoring Sessions Include:

1.    A two hour 1-on-1 session with Courtney Inghram, complete with a business evaluation and website critique. Session either in-person, in Richmond, Virginia, or on Google Hangouts!

2.    Creation of a customized action plan to meet your business goals.

3.    Q&A-no question is off-limits!

4.    Walk-through of my business, from how I handle inquiries, booking new clients, communication, contracts, bookkeeping, inventory, social media marketing, and more.

5.    A follow-up call, scheduled 2 months after your session to check in.

The investment for 2 hours of mentoring is $299

Who Are Mentoring Sessions For?!


A Floral Designer Who...

... is just beginning their business and needs some direction getting started!

... is not reaching their booking goals and not booking their ideal client

... wants to take their business full-time, but needs some help getting there!  

... has been in business for awhile, but needs a fresh set of eyes to evaluate and improve

... feels burnt out and ready to make a change to create a more profitable business!

... wants to find clients using free marketing methods (social media!)  

... needs to raise their prices but isn't sure how, or if it's the right time

... has big dreams for their business and needs a cheerleader to encourage them!

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"After speaking with Courtney, I would 100% recommend her business mentoring sessions to anyone who is looking to establish a floral design business. After struggling to get clear, transparent answers about pricing and floral business basics in my own research, Courtney finally answered all of my questions with the clarity and detail that I was hoping for. She was very attentive to answer each question completely, and I gained a much wider perspective on business basics than I was anticipating. Plus she is very amiable, so I felt as if I were talking to a friend even though we were talking business the whole time! Our discussion was incredibly helpful, and I’ve already started to notice some of the positive effects of her advice on my growing business. If you are new to the floral design industry and are looking for a business mentor, Courtney is your gal!"

-Britni, Two Stems of Joy

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