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Sand is a light buff shade, with a slight nude sheen, pairing beautifully with color palettes of beige, tan, light brown, and more. Ribbons are delivered on a wooden spool, pressed, and ready for use, and samples are pressed and then wrapped around a sample card. All ribbons are 100% raw silk.

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Processing and handling for all ribbon orders is currently 5-7 business days, and ribbons will ship out via USPS Priority Mail. We currently ship within the United States.

Ribbon Care & Handling

Your silk ribbon is torn, frayed, and dyed by hand, and because of the custom dye process, very slight color variation may occur. The ribbon will arrive pressed and ready for use, but after use the silk may begin to wrinkle. To easily press your ribbon, use a hair straightener or iron.

Because of the delicate nature of silk, the hand-frayed edges may develop loose threads with use. Simply pull the loose threads gently down the ribbon to remove them. To clean your silk ribbon, wash by hand in cold water with a mild detergent. Wash separately from other items, as there is a potential for slight color transfer. Hang to dry.

While shopping, please keep in mind that colors may vary from monitor to monitor and that we don't guarantee exact shade matches, because of the nature of the hand-dying process.