My Secret Small Business Weapon That's Saving My Time and Sanity!

Today I want to share with you a new system that I have begun to use for my business that has changed my life!! When you open a small business AND work a full-time job, your hours are verrrrrry limited. Tasks like emailing, creating custom proposals, contracts, invoicing and keeping up with payments are crucial to your small business being able to operate… but those tasks take TIME! About a month ago, I hit a brick wall. I knew that the way I was operating wasn’t the simplest way, and that I needed to make a change!! Before I introduce you to my secret weapon, I do just want to say that this company did not pay me to promote their product or write this post; I simply want to write it so that you know all about this system and how it can help YOU!

  Erika Lynn Photography

Erika Lynn Photography


This system has really transformed how I am able to communicate with clients, complete my business paperwork and keep track of each project and wedding I’m currently working on. My favorite feature of Honeybook is the “Pipeline.” This is the “Homepage” of the system, and it displays each bride and where they are in the stages of their wedding planning/floral design. It begins with the initial inquiry and it follows the client all the way through their event. It tracks progress by showing when the client meets with me, when they sign their contract, when they pay their retainer, ect. It’s helpful for me to get a quick view of their overall progress, and it gives me an idea of what needs to happen next!

Another thing that it important to me is to create a branded, streamlined client experience, and Honeybook does just that! Every email, contract and invoice a client sees is branded with my colors, logo and any other important info! I love that my clients now see Courtney Inghram Events as having a professional, online presence, and I wanted to make the booking process as simple as possible! Honeybook sends out invoices, payment plans and reminders! No more awkward emails to clients when their payments are late; Honeybook has an automated system that handles that all for me!! Clients can also pay with a credit card (no fee for them), which is way more convenient than writing a check or even using PayPal!

Honeybook also has other really awesome features, like a widget I can plug into my website for inquires! When a potential bride inquires, their inquiry goes straight into my Honeybook Pipeline along with their wedding date, venue location and budget! I’m also able to add vendors to each of their clients workspaces in order to mass-share their wedding weekend timeline and details all at once! It’s those little things that end up saving me a lot of time J

I wanted to share about this system today, because it has been a game-changer for me and my small business! The effort that Honeybook puts into making your client experience simple and professional is clearly reflected, and it has helped me elevate my brand in a more professional way!

Thank you Honeybook!!