Why Taking a Break From the "Hustle" is Good for Your Business!

Hi everyone- I hope you're having a great week thus far! I have been on a little mini-trip with my husband this week, touring some gorgeous sights in Charleston, SC, and we have been having a lovely time :) I have been thinking throughout our trip, that I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time! Lately, all I've felt is that I'm "always hustling." This is not necessarily a negative attitude to have; hard work is a virtue! But, when hard work starts to invade your life, that's when hustle turns negative. I have had to put limits on my time, (and I am NO expert), but I have quickly realized that hustle can lead to a quick burnout. Burnout can be deadly for your business, causing you to lose inspiration, motivation and to be blunt, lose clients and profits! 

Tara liebeck photography

Tara liebeck photography

I am leaving our trip today feeling inspired, refreshed, and ready to tackle my spring weddings! If I hadn't stopped my "hustle" for a few days, I wouldn't be experiencing this wonderful feeling of renewed creativity and relaxation, and I'm so happy that I gave myself a break from work! The Spanish moss and live oak trees around here left me feeling inspired, and very excited about CIE's future and upcoming projects! I don't know why, but those trees are just heavenly to me. Just being away from my home office and full time job for a bit really helped me gain some perspective and clarity on where I see my business in the future! 

All of this to say- hustle isn't always the best way. Again, I completely respect and understand hard work, but I also see the value in setting some business boundaries and allowing yourself some room to breathe! I am still learning this lesson myself, but I just want to encourage you today to give yourself a small break from the hustle- I guarantee it will be worth it, and you'll feel better than ever!! And, to be completely forthcoming- I DID spend 30 minutes writing this (quick) post last night- so obviously I'm still learning the balance of hustle too ;)